Established : 18 April 2001
CIDB Grading : 7GBPE
BEE : Level 5

Karpah Construction had a humble beginning in 2001 as a general works contractor, evolving over the years to undertake many challenging projects. Our project endeavors and accumulated skills, know-how and extensive expertise in design and building solutions, project management services and building trades, places us amongst the top construction forces to be reckoned with.
Today Karpah Construction takes on the role of main contractor for small, medium to large scale projects and performs project management services to coordinate specialist trades for industrial and commercial projects. We provide both building and on-site management with additional value-added services to our clients.
Karpah Construction is based upon a solid reputation of market excellence, known for our quality, stability and innovative leadership. After the closing of Lofty’s Construction, Karpah completed two of Lofty’s Construction projects, which have not been completed and has since expanded to servicing the commercial, industrial and residential markets of South Africa.
Since our establishment, we have gained recognition for our attention to detail and our ability to provide knowledge driven and cost saving solutions for complex construction projects, in addition to our dedication to all our clients, regardless of the project size. We pride ourselves on the quality of the projects we complete and strive towards continual improvement of service and reputation.